Yoga Intensives to transform your teaching & confidence

These courses integrate the riches of yoga philosophy with the knowledge of modern movement science & neurology.

Giving you the confidence to share yoga in an informed and relevant way. 

This evidence based approach is deeply rooted in the yoga tradition, creating pathways to healing and wholeness through  mindfulness, movement & breath work.

These yoga intensives will transform your personal practice & your teaching, with a playful, curious and creative approach. 

The Intensives include the real-time study & you also receive the Online Course content relevant to your Intensive included in the price for ongoing study & to augment your learning.

With these courses, you will fall in love with yoga over & over again.

For the complete comprehensive 300hr course see the 300hr Teacher Training Page.


  • Reach new students with the skills that are most needed today

  • Courses available in studio, online with zoom & recordings or blended with pre-record content available

  • Full manual and ongoing support

  • Wonderful community of yogis

  • Bursaries available to broaden the reach of yoga

  • Certified with Yoga Alliance Professionals UK & Yoga Alliance US

10-12 October 2024 + online content

Fascia in Focus

Discover the relationship between the ancient teachings of prana and the most recent scientific research on the fascia. Learn how to release fascial adhesions or imbalances and allow your prana to flow freely.

Fascia in Focus

21-24 November 2024 + online content

Teaching Yoga for Anxiety & Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Learn to integrate principles of yoga for anxiety & trauma sensitive yoga into your classes & lead courses to alleviate anxiety & trauma with an understanding of relevant yoga methods, supported by neurology & biology. Ideal for running specific courses/workshops & integrating more awareness into every class.

Yoga for Anxiety & Trauma Sensitive Yoga

9-11 January 2025 + online content

Creative Sequencing

In this fresh look at sequencing you will explore a host of creative sequencing ideas and the science of why we may want to include new creative ideas for mind and body.

Creative Sequencing

13 - 14 March 2025 + online content

Restorative & Somatics

A deep dive into Restorative Yoga, combined with Somatics inspired movement. Both Restorative yoga & Somatics gives the nervous system a chance to "reset" from stress to a relaxation response, which is more valuable and in demand than ever.

Restorative & Somatics

15 - 17 May 2025 + online content

The Art of Adapting & Adjusting Asana

Explore how to read what’s happening in your students’ bodies and the hands-on skills to know how to adapt postures to deliver a more effective class and transform your student’s experience of a pose.

Understand cues & props for a more inclusive asana experience.

Art of Adapting & Adjusting Asana

3-4 July 2025 + online content

Vagus Nerve, Breath & Bandhas

Understand the interplay between yogic teachings on the subtle body and the nervous system. Experience power of breath with bandha and how this stimulates the vagus nerve. Learn to share trauma sensitive pranayama practice.

Vagus Nerve, Breath, & Bandhas


"Very informative and playful course that gets deep into understading the body, how to deepen the practice and respecting the practice in play. Loved the 'hands on' element of the course."


"Laura and her team continue to update Yoga and it’s practices to suit the modern scientific and moral compass that allows Yoga to stay fresh and inspirational and to continually evolve, which is why yoga has lasted so long."


"Laura teaches with humour and humility with a deep knowledge of yoga. Her courses are packed with theory as well as practical application of the topics. There is plenty of time for group discussions where we can share ideas and knowledge."

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