"When we feel, we transform our state of mind, our consciousness. We become alive to ourselves and to life. The miracle of the ordinary!"

Yoga is often presented as a cure all, a panacea for anything and everything that might be wrong in your life.

For me it's much more about feeling fully and seeing clearly. Accepting my imperfections, catching myself at projecting desire for things to be better or easier or prettier. It doesn't mean I immediately accept the situation I'm in. But I definitely have learnt to be kind to myself as I pootle along.

My real joy in life comes from sharing this extraordinary tradition we call yoga. I continue to practice & study and I love to support my students to explore how they can find their own truth through yoga.

My teaching style has evolved over the last 30+ years of practice and 20+ years of teaching. I have practiced widely across the traditions of yoga with meditation, asana and pranayama as well as exploration of related fields such as mobility training & somatics.

I had the honour of practicing and studying with Thich Nhat Hanh and his disciples at the Zen monastery, Plum Village, in my 20s. This has provided a framework for my explorations into the mind and meditation practices.

Pranayama is real delight for me, something I love to integrate into class and trainings and a practice I find deeply transformational.

My asana teaching and practice is playful and creative. I weave elements from many traditions together, focusing on finding expansiveness and ease. I have resisted the modern trend of offering "exercise" through asana. Instead I find the movement facilitates stillness and that we can create adaptability for the mind and resilience for the nervous system.

I offer an evidence based approach to yoga, based on movement science, pain science and neurology; to offer the best approach for both body and mind. This combines well with the trauma sensitive approach, allowing each person to find the path through practice that feels safe for them.

Having started yoga very young and from a place of complex trauma and deep shame, I offer my teachings with warmth, humility and compassion. Yoga continues to offer a place for me to experience being "OK", sometimes against the odds!

According to yogic wisdom, the "spiritual realms" are not far away and unreachable, but with us in each moment; something we experience more as we practice. We can celebrate the absurd and beautiful, the difficulties and ease in any moment. This is what I love to share with students. We do not need to wait for everything to be perfect before we allow ourselves contentment & ease.

"Laura strikes the balance beautifully between profundity and humour. If you want to experience the true meaning of yoga this is the teacher for you."
Lesley-Ann Eaton, recent trainee

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