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Each month brings new offerings and connection, reach out to Laura any time with your suggestion and feedback.

Our collections include:

  • Creative Vinyasa-¬†Be inspired to flow & inspire our own teaching!
  • Yoga for Anxiety- A comprehensive, evidence based course. Dip in or follow the full programme.
  • Skills School!- Keep challenging yourself, to balance better learn handstand, arm balance or whatever your practice needs!
  • Ease¬†back pain¬†- a court for non-specific low backpain, based on the latest pain research and supported by mindfulness and yogic techniques for exploring ease.¬†
  • Reset & rest deeply¬†- restorative, somatics and deep rest practices, plus ¬†supported retreat days.¬†
  • Start your yoga journey¬†a comprehensive Intro to yoga course & follow up beginners practices.
  • Intro to Yoga Course
  • Meditation & breath work

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Yoga for Anxiety course

This comprehenisve course will help you to find a path to alleviate your anxiety.The practices are varied to suit your needs each day, from calming, grounding breath practices, to active dynamic jumping.

Every practice comes from the latest research into how to adapt our neurology, neurotransmitters (brain hormones) and physiology to better cope with the symptoms of anxiety and to reshape our minds and experience of life.

Follow the whole course or dip in and out. 20+ hours of learning, worth over £100 but get it as part of Yoga Hub!

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"Laura's Yoga Hub is amazing. It's just what I've dreamt of over these last few years of busy family and working life. Knowing I can access the wealth of fantastic videos at any time of day or night, every single day is just fantastic! There's so much there that there honestly isn't any need to look further.

I've practised yoga for years, but consider myself very much lapsed now, so I'm currently following the Intro to Yoga programme which is simply delicious. I'm loving it!

Laura is such a good teacher - she's calm, friendly, funny and super super experienced. It's obvious that she does a great deal of continuous training and research. As a result, her teaching is super inclusive, backed with science while being rooted in traditional yoga philosophy, and mindful of physical and emotional comfort. She's also very very clear so it's easy to follow.

I've gifted myself a year's membership and it's certainly the best gift I've given myself in a long time."

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