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The place to enjoy yoga expertise complete with breath, movement, meditation and community. Join us for an unrivalled collection of classes covering everything from deep relaxation techniques to dynamic vinyasa & deep-dive courses to relieve anxiety/ back pain.

Dive into your 10-day FREE trial and sign up for a monthly or annual membership. Each month brings new offerings and connection, reach out to Laura any time with your suggestion and feedback.

Our practices, talks and courses focus on both mental and physical health, flexibility and strength, to leave you feeling more at ease in body and mind.

Join Yoga Hub if you'd like to:

  • Improve your flexibility by following classes based on the science of strength and stretching.
  • Ease back pain and other pains with practices based on the latest pain research and supported by mindfulness and yogic techniques for exploring ease. 
  • Tackle tiredness and exhaustion with reset, restore and deep rest practices, plus a complete supported retreat day. 
  • Reduce anxiety with a comprehensive 20-hour course that gives you the skills to frame and anxiety to feel more peace, by exploring movement, breathwork and yoga techniques to create a more adaptable nervous system.
  • Start your yoga journey with our 6-week Intro to yoga course for beginners that offers a tried and tested formula to have you moving better and feeling calmer in no time. 
  • Fit practice around you, with 5-20 minute short practices, to hour-long classes.
  • Keep on track with our weekly practice plans and monthly themes to inspire you day by day and throughout the year.
  • Join the community and have Laura's expertise at your fingertips!

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We've added a programme of delicious Welcome in the New Year practices and a Yoga for Back Pain Relief course, so take a 10-day trial and have a look. Find out more about what's in the Back Pain course and sign up now to get 10 days for free! You will also be able to explore everything the Yoga Hub has to offer. 

Don't miss the New year - online Retreat day too. 

Yoga Hub

£287/year or £35/month

Yearly subscription saves you 30%

  • 10-day FREE trial
  • Hundreds of video practices with more added monthly
  • Movement, meditation and breath work 
  • Practice plans for flexibility and specific skills
  • Expert tuition to alleviate pain & anxiety
  • Rest, restore and recharge classes and retreat days
  • Classes and courses for beginners
  • 5-20 minute short practices
  • Bursaries available
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What's in Yoga Hub?

Choose from hundreds of recordings, from 5-minute general practices to 75-minute classes, focused sessions, and full courses. Current list below (and being added to all the time).

General practice
  • 5 to thrive quick booster practices
  • 20 mins to move 
  • Beginner friendly
  • New practices
Focused practice
  • Back pain and pain relief 
  • Backbends
  • Breathwork and pranayama 
  • Core focus  
  • Creative vinyasa or mobility 
  • Hips and hamstrings 
  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • Rest, reset, restore
  • Yoga for anxiety 
  • Yoga for Back Pain Relief 
  • Chakras, bandhas and subtle body 
  • Fascia in focus 
  • Intro to Yoga
Retreat day 
  • Join our seasonal retreat days and give yourself a few hours to totally switch off and revive.
  • Includes preparation & set up, morning practice, afternoon practice, & evening practice with inspiration to support you to nurture yourself. 



Yoga Hub Retreat Day

Join me for a day to pause, rest and reflect. Our Yoga Hub retreat day is all laid out for you. Follow a series of practices that support you to move well and rest deeply.

Choose from the full day schedule, a half day, or the evening practices to support easeful sleep. 

The day includes tips for preparing, journal prompts, guided meditations, breath practices, creative asana, gentle restorative practice and deep relaxation.

Ready whenever you are!

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Upcoming themes & practice plans

Recently added!

Welcome in the New Year

A series of 5 daily practices designed to help you escape the chaos of the new year rush. They are 10-15 minute practices. Mobility & rest practices - perfect for finding moments of calm where you can.

Yoga for Back Pain Relief

An evidence based approach to relieving pain with movement, breath work and deep relaxation.

The course includes an introduction to the background and then two practices a week, for six weeks, to relieve back pain.

  • Movement that builds confidence, ease and awareness.
  • Breath work that shifts our perception of pain.
  • Deep relaxation techniques proven to down regulate the experience of pain. 

"I can't believe how effective this course is after just 2 weeks, I already feel so much better & I've had years of really gruelling pain."  John Matthews

Try one of the videos in this series for free with no yoga hub sign up first - try before you commit here

Strength and mobility focus

-Movement science around strength and mobility
-Improving your core and maintain bone health
-Understand how to move best to maintain health at all ages
-Menopause focus
-Posture focus - a systematic approach to building upper body & core strength with an adaptable handstand programme


Bursaries at LGY

I’m dedicated to promoting & empowering a wide range of students by increasing accessibility and diversity within the yoga world.

If you are on a low income, affected by racism & discrimination - acts that are not compatible with the practice of yoga, or experience disability; simply contact us to request a bursary. Please apply and we will endeavour to meet your need or let you know what we can offer at this point.

Yoga Hub Bursary Application

Yoga for Anxiety course

This comprehenisve course will help you to find a path to alleviate your anxiety.The practices are varied to suit your needs each day, from calming, grounding breath practices, to active dynamic jumping.

Every practice comes from the latest research into how to adapt our neurology, neurotransmitters (brain hormones) and physiology to better cope with the symptoms of anxiety and to reshape our minds and experience of life.

Follow the whole course or dip in and out. 20+ hours of learning, worth over £100 but get it as part of Yoga Hub!

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"Laura's Yoga Hub is amazing. It's just what I've dreamt of over these last few years of busy family and working life. Knowing I can access the wealth of fantastic videos at any time of day or night, every single day is just fantastic! There's so much there that there honestly isn't any need to look further.

I've practised yoga for years, but consider myself very much lapsed now, so I'm currently following the Intro to Yoga programme which is simply delicious. I'm loving it!

Laura is such a good teacher - she's calm, friendly, funny and super super experienced. It's obvious that she does a great deal of continuous training and research. As a result, her teaching is super inclusive, backed with science while being rooted in traditional yoga philosophy, and mindful of physical and emotional comfort. She's also very very clear so it's easy to follow.

I've gifted myself a year's membership and it's certainly the best gift I've given myself in a long time."

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