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Everything I knew about teaching yoga that was wrong

9 Minute Video
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Research indicates that "bad posture" isn't necessarily linked to pain, gentle yoga poses rarely lead to ligament strains, and cautioning students about their frailty can actually cause harm. Teaching healthy alignment is far more complex than presumed. Join me for a deeper exploration into the science of movement, pain, injury, strength, and flexibility.

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Get ideas for your own lead magnets to enable you to grow your mailing list.

Growing your mailing list is so vital as email is considered one of the most valuable marketing tools - marketing "gold". Research shows that for every £1 you spend on email marketing, you receive £36 in return!


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Watch my Creative Sequencing Strategy Video

11 minute Video
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Ready to take your yoga sequencing skills to the next level? Sign up now to receive an exclusive video covering three key points from my Creative Sequencing Strategy. Dive deep into the art of crafting captivating yoga sequences and elevate your teaching to new heights.


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Get my 6-week 'Intro to Yoga' course plan now

6 week course plan
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Make planning a fresh and inspiring 'Intro to  Yoga' course easy! Find out how to create a strong, inclusive offering that gets your beginners off to the best start and gives you students for life.

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Download the 300hr Prospectus

Find out more about our 300-hour Advanced Teacher Training with our complete prospectus, including all of the latest course dates.





Watch my Adjustments video

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Ready to deepen your yoga practice and embrace inclusivity? Explore diverse expressions of a single pose, learn adjustments, and flourish in your journey. Download now!



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