I am dedicated to helping yoga teachers feel confident to support others. My free resources reflect some of my work. I also have a Private Facebook page to support teachers.

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How to Thrive as a Yoga Teacher

August 7th 4pm BSY

Join Laura as she shares all the mistakes she made in building a yoga career over the last 3 decades.

Plus specific methods to ways to  feel more confident, connect to your unique purpose as a teacher and earn well supporting others. 


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Everything I knew about teaching yoga that was wrong

9 Minute Video
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Research indicates that "bad posture" isn't necessarily linked to pain, gentle yoga poses rarely lead to ligament strains, and cautioning students about their frailty can actually cause harm. Here's a sneak peak of some movement science that shakes up what we often think we know!

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Watch my Adjustments video

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Ready to deepen your yoga practice and embrace inclusivity? Explore diverse expressions of a single pose, learn adjustments, and flourish in your journey.

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