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9 principles for an evidence based approach to movement

8-page PDF
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Are you up-to-date with what the latest research and knowledge of movement science tells us about ‘safe movement’ and the best approach to managing pain? This 8-page guide introduces some of the key principles.

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Neurodiversity and Inclusive Yoga

FREE Online Masterclass

Learn how to make yoga accessible and beneficial for individuals across the Neurodivergent spectrum in my masterclass I'm hosting on Wednesday the 13th December. Sign up below to receive the zoom link to your emails. ⤵️⤵️⤵️

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Free tutorial on how to unleash your creativity in class planning

5 key points
FREE - video

Enjoy this free tutorial, giving you five points to help unleash your creativity so that class planning becomes easeful, as well as conveying something of the incredible depth of this practice. Great for anyone whose stuck for inspiration.

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