Struggling with back pain? 

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Unlock Lasting Relief today with the new Yoga for Back Pain Relief Course

Get access to my expert-backed strategies & exercises to relieve pain with movement, breath work and deep relaxation.

Proven Method: Discover the step-by-step system trusted by thousands to alleviate chronic back pain.
Sedentary Lifestyle: Break free from the shackles of a sedentary lifestyle with actionable strategies designed to get you moving pain-free.
Fear of Exacerbating Pain: Conquer the fear of worsening your condition by learning safe, effective techniques tailored to your needs.

The course includes an introduction to the background and then two practices a week, for six weeks, to relieve back pain.

  • Movement that builds confidence, ease and awareness.
  • Breath work that shifts our perception of pain.
  • Deep relaxation techniques proven to down regulate the experience of pain. 

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Experience the freedom of a pain-free spine with my Back Pain Relief series. My expert guidance will empower you to overcome your biggest roadblocks and unlock the life you deserve.

Tired of back pain holding you back?

My Back Pain Relief series is the solution you've been searching for to finally find relief and reclaim your vitality.


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Yoga hub is a collection & community. With over 200 creative classes, from 5 minutes to 1 hour & connection with Laura and your fellow yogis.

Enjoy aching less, moving more & finding mental clarity & focus. 

Take a 10 day trial of Yoga Hub for free to try the Yoga for back pain relief course and lots, lots more! See video to the side of a walkthough of the back pain course.

Payment will only be taken 10 days after you sign up - cancel any time before the end of the trial and you won't be charged the monthly amount

Your membership will automatically continue monthly until you cancel - cancel any time.

If you want to have a taste of the Yoga Hub before comitting to the free trial, you can watch a sample video of the back pain course below.

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"I can't believe how effective this course is after just 2 weeks, I already feel so much better & I've had years of really gruelling pain."

John Matthews


Sarah Jacobs

More about Yoga Hub

Enjoy practices to boost energy or restore body and mind as we go into the cooler, shorter days.

Includes the Autumn Antidote Series - a month of daily practice to support you through the changing seasons - and the new Relieve your back pain course.

Whether you prefer to explore the whole platform or follow a structured programme we will support you.

What's in the hub?

Here's just a few of the things inside but take a free trial for a good look around.

  • Intro to yoga course - complete beginner? I have you covered. This course shares the foundation poses and ideas of yoga for you.
  • Yoga for Anxiety - a course specifically designed to overcome anxiety based on all the current research.
  • Dynamic & Vinyasa - all the playful creative stuff you may know and love.
  • Rest & Restore - deep relaxation practices in stillness or movement.
  • Breathwork & Bandhas- dive deep into the Hatha & Tantra traditions of calming & energising the nervous system & exploring prana 
More about Yoga Hub

About your teacher

I'm Laura

I am SO ready to help you gain in confidence and skills to share this incredible world of yoga. 

Embark on a transformative journey guided by me, Laura Gilmore, a seasoned yoga therapist with over 25 years of experience. My mission is to empower you to overcome back pain and reclaim your vitality through my holistic approach to yoga and wellness.

My personal yoga practice extends back over 30 years and continues to evolve. A lifetime of dedicated self-study, processing complex trauma and ongoing studies enabled me to transform from an adolescent with serious mental health problems to the teacher I am today.

Join me on a journey of yoga: of self-love & self-worth that we can share with others through the practice. Let's live & teach with unapologetic confidence.