Vagus Nerve, Breath & Bandhas

4-5th July 2024 + Online content

Explore the subtle world of prana, the powerful techniques of pranayama & the bandhas.

Discover trauma sensitive techniques for breath work & pranayama; and deepen your own practice.

Discover the relationship between the bandhas, the breath and the vagus nerve. This course shares powerful practices to support healing of both body and mind through breath and bodywork. We trace evidence based practices, back to their roots within the yoga tradition, from the Upanishads through Tantra to Hatha Yoga.

Gain a thorough understanding of the “Subtle body”, integrating the “models” of the prana vayus, koshas, bandhas and chakras. Understand how all of these techniques influence and transform our nervous system & therefore our experience of life.

  • Discover new depths to your practice by connecting to prana as a way to find stillness and connection
  • Understand how this relates to contemporary understanding of the nervous system and vagus nerve
  • Learn a clear, practical and trauma sensitive way to practise and teach pranayama
  • Understand the development of the “subtle body” in yoga history and philosophy
  • Learn to integrate key themes from philosophy to your class
  • Sequence your practice & classes with reference to the subtle body to deepen the practice

Vagus Nerve, Breath & Bandhas


4-5th July 2024 + online content

  • Payment plan and bursaries available
  • 40 CPD hours
  • Yoga Alliance UK approved
  • Small group course
  • Suitable for yoga teachers and experienced yogis
  • Training days are 9am-5pm, with 1 hour for lunch
  • Enjoy a comprehensive online breathwork & pranayama course 
  • Online classes to explore prana and pratice bandhas techniques
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Join me for this deep exploration of some of yoga’s most powerful techniques

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“The intensive was absolutely fantastic - maybe my favourite so far. Laura is so knowledgeable and able to communicate her knowledge in a really clear way.”


“Thank you so much for a really inspiring course, full of relevant, accessible and key knowledge that I can feed back into my personal practice and teaching with complete confidence of understanding.”


“I felt into my pranamaya kosha as never before and I left with my chakras positively beaming. It’s such a joy to feel into these support structures and to find the strength to evolve and grow and change.”

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