Fascia in Focus Intensive 

+ research & practices for hyper mobility


10th - 12th October 2024 + online content

Fascia is a body wide sensory organ, a key to the connection between the body and the mind.

Join us for this inspiring and creative journey through the science of fascia into movement, breath work and mind body connection. Improve your flexibility as you discover more ease within your body and improved neural connection between body & mind.

Fascia, divides, separates and also connects every tissue within the body, into an incredible woven web. Understanding the role of fascia leads to new avenues of exploration in our practice & teaching. A way to deepen our awareness of movement, of perception and of what the yogis described as prana.

Fascia gives form and structure to the body, if we remove everything but the fascia- we can still see the exact shape of each area of the body every organ, every muscle. Research into fascia is ongoing, and new discoveries reveal how relevant fascia is for yoga and yogis- it has a role to play in very movement and every breath, as well as how we experience the body, creating our mind-map of our experience. Fascia contains a network of proprioceptors giving us the felt sense of body in space and movement. We explore this sense in relation to the yoga teachings on prana.

Some types of hypermobility are also affected by differences in fascial structure. We will explore the research around this and how to best adapt asana for those with hypermobility.

Join me for this unique intensive where we weave together scientific study of fascia, and a creative exploration of movement, breath & nervous system based on our studies.


Fascia in Focus Intensive

10 - 12 October 2024 + online content

  • Payment plan and bursaries available
  • Counts as Yoga Alliance UK teacher training hours
  • Yoga Alliance UK approved
  • Small group course
  • Suitable for yoga teachers and experienced yogis
  • Training days are 9am-5pm, with 1 hour for lunch
  • The course includes access to online material with ongoing support  
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We explore the following areas:

1. What fascia is and what the research shows us about this complex connective tissue.

2. How fascia relates to the nervous system, our experience of the body and mind and to yogic ideas of prana. How this may relate to trauma.

3. Understand hyper mobility as a connective tissue disorder and how to help these students move well & live with less pain. 

4. Be inspired by your understanding of fascia to move with more confidence, in new & creative ways that help us map the body in the brain and in turn reduce anxiety & pain.

5. Creative fascia- inspired classes to expand your movement and teaching vocabulary. Explore multi dimensional movements, loading the body in new ways & slowing things down to reroute neural pathways.  

This course is for you if:

  • you’re curious to know what the research says  

  • would like to be better informed for those with hypermobility 
  • are looking for new ways to unfold deeply held tensions in the body or mind, with a combination of somatic, yoga & intuitive movement

  • enjoy creative inspiration to revitalise your practice or classes

  • would like to understand more philosophy & techniques around prana 


“I found the course well structured and paced throughout, with a calm and nurturing energy in class. The content was well presented with time to absorb information. I really enjoyed learning all about the fascia.”


“It has really changed my approach to teaching. It was great to understand some of the science and evidence behind these different and new movements and how that translates into the body and mind.”


"The Fascia Intensive Teacher Training Course was AMAZING! I really feel the benefit of Laura's approach to teaching, marrying of ancient yogic history & philosophy with modern day science. There is so much to learn.”

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