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Why Embark on our 300-hr Advanced Yoga Training?

300hr advanced yoga training advanced yoga teacher training advanced yoga training Dec 13, 2023

Recently one of our trainees asked me ‘’Why bother taking a 300-hr course to become a 500-hr registered teacher when you can already teach with a 200 hour qualification’’?  I get it, it’s more work, more money, perhaps you are not earning much from yoga. But being a 500-hr registered teacher is different. It makes you stand out way more from the crowd! 

It’s fantastic to see our 200hr graduates do SO well straight after their training with us. I’ve heard from so many that they already have full classes, often in smaller towns/communities where yoga is in high demand, but even those in the city are receiving amazing feedback on their classes. 


Space for you!

The best way I can describe it is that after your 200-hr training, the pressure is off! You are a teacher already, graduates come from our training, across the UK and beyond. So, I do not need to worry about the basics. Instead I get to share a depth of practice and expertise with you, a multi-layered extravaganza of yoga! Teaching yoga is hard, we offer ourselves out, we are on the front line of peoples aches, pains and expectations! The 300-hr course is a space to be you, to deepen your practice immeasurably and be nurtured through yoga and community. It’s a chance to fall in love with a variety of yoga practices and techniques and from this you are able to teach with much greater depth.


''The standard of teaching is exceptional and I feel incredibly lucky to have done my training under the guidance of Laura. She is an encyclopedia of all things related to yoga. It’s wonderful to receive her insights and experiences from her decades of practice, self-study and extensive teachings with influential practitioners from all over the world. Taking the leap to do this course was one of best decisions I’ve ever made and the learning continues long after the course ends - the best money you’ll ever spend''.

Sian Williams, 300-hr graduate


Confidence & Career

The 300-hr course is also a chance to boost your confidence and career. Your 200-hr course is a foundation, it’s like the first year of your degree, it prepares you to teach and it’s where the real learning happens. That learning is then amplified multifold when it is accompanied by the depth of the 300-hr advanced training. 


Evidence Based & Skills Based

The 300hr course is structured to give you the exact skills you need to support students with real-life issues, so that you feel inspired to share what you love, but you can also earn a living supporting others. Whether that’s yoga for back pain, yoga for anxiety or trauma sensitive yoga. 

There is so much research that goes into the course so that you offer best practice with an evidence based approach (even yoga therapy courses fail to do this unfortunately). Our course brings together the expertise of physiotherapists, doctors, yogis, marketing professionals and more. We know how complex yoga teaching is, since it crosses so many fields. But we have brought all the knowledge you need under one roof. This training will simultaneously take you deeper into your practice and project you to the top of your yoga career with your new found inspiration and knowledge. 


Our Community

Our work draws a very specific bunch of people together that are interested in yoga and its capacity for healing and compassion. This forms our amazing community. My role is to celebrate this and help you realise how incredible you are. You do not need to change, but simply learn to embrace what you offer in being you! 


If you feel drawn to join us let's talk. You can book a call with me here. There is no hard sell because it needs to work for both us and you. But I do know we are able to transform lives, yours and others, because this is what many graduates have told us. 

''The course has been academically intense - fully supported and backed up with scientific evidence. I’ve learnt intricate details about human physiology, anatomy & neurology. I’ve been left in awe of the early yogis and their philosophy. I’ve learnt how to manage a class for students who experience anxiety or for students who want to achieve advanced postures. Each module has left me with a wealth of knowledge that I have loved sharing with my students. Laura teaches in a relaxed, informative and friendly style. Her wealth of knowledge after years of research is inspirational. She is patient and encouraging in every way whether it is achieving a yoga asana or advising on business models. I will continue to seek her wisdom and guidance throughout my yoga teaching career and look forward to further study at her beautiful studio''.

Katherine Smith, 300-hr graduate


Advanced yoga teacher training

Full details of my 300-hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training course can be found here

If you've got any questions or want to discuss what might suit you best book a call or join our next online open evening


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