Movement Science Essentials


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Movement Science Essentials

+ Teach Yoga for Back Pain/ Mobility work

Empower your students to move more, gain flexibility & strength, reduce pain and learn about anatomy and yoga.

  • Teach movement with confidence from an understanding of anatomy and movement¬†science
  • Offer evidence-based teaching & understand up-to-date research
  • Understand¬†the complex interactions of body and brain
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Move from confusion to clarity

As a yoga teacher, are you ever unsure which movements are safe or unsafe? Do you know when to modify movements and poses for certain injuries and how? Do you often cue students to “protect the spine/knee/shoulder?"

We often believe that we need to find the perfect alignment to prevent injury. We may not have been taught pain science and anatomy when we trained, so may offer cues which actually make pain worse by making students anxious. But what does the science actually say?

There are some relatively simple principles about movement we need to understand so that we can move and teach movement with confidence.

Take this course to understand how the body works according to the latest research in anatomy and yoga, and movement science. Be able to offer evidence-based yoga teaching that is effective at dealing with pain, building strength and improving flexibility. Be confident to empower your students to move without fear.

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Feel more confident in body and mind

Gain confidence to share the best approaches to dealing with pain and supporting your students to feel confident about their bodies. Differentiate fact from fiction with this ground breaking, myth busting yoga teacher training course.


Movement Science Essentials covers anatomy, yoga, pain science, strength, mobility and much more, so that you can share a more optimistic approach to poses, based on research.

Why take this course?

This yoga teacher training course will bring you up-to-date with what the science says now about "safe movement" and enable you to offer evidence-based anatomy yoga teaching that's effective at dealing with pain, building strength and increasing flexibility.

 Take this course to:
  • Feel secure in your knowledge and understanding of the principles that apply to all movement
  • Be able to teach specialist yoga classes relating to pain reduction & back pain
  • Understand how movement relates to women's health & run specific yoga classes for women
  • Offer evidence-based yoga teaching, that supports confidence in the body
  • Offer up-to-date yoga with the latest research around movement, anatomy, stretching and pain
  • Understand what to do, and what not to do, to help students experience less pain and more confidence in their bodies
  • Revitalise your yoga practice and teaching by freeing up your movement in ways validated by the movement and anatomy science
  • Update your understanding of what the core is and how to best work it
  • Know when and how to adapt the training schedule to fit in with women‚Äôs periods
  • Broaden the scope of the asana you offer & integrate strength work¬†
  • Create yoga teaching programs specifically to improve flexibility
  • Be confident in the science and language to use when talking about the complex interactions of body and brain
  • Improve your yoga teaching income by offering specialist skills around high demand areas of need¬†
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How the course works

The course combines:

- Pre-recorded talks on all relevant areas of research, presented with reference to yoga movement.

- Practical sessions & ready-to-share classes so that you understand exactly how to pass on the knowledge.

- Live-sessions for Q&A so you can augment and gain confidence in your learning, currently every 3 months.

- Community within my Facebook group movement science area where I share updated research as it comes out.

We share the research you really need to know to be an excellent and effective yoga teacher. PLUS the exact HOW TO for each area so that you receive classes ready to teach e.g. to help alleviate back pain. Each module has additional reading and resources to deepen learning further.

The live mentoring sessions throughout the year give you the chance to ask questions and workshop skills related to the subjects covered, to ensure you understand the theory and practice. Dates of available live sessions will be sent to you when you join.

If you have any questions about our online courses or how they work, please check out our FAQ page.

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Course contents and schedule

The course covers the following modules:

  1. Pain Science & how to reduce pain through yoga
  2. Core stability or mobility? 
  3. Myth-busting and creative movement 
  4. Bones and osteoporosis 
  5. Women's health, Periods and Practice; Menopause health & yoga
  6. Language and communication skills 
  7. Introduction to biomechanics and movement science 
  8. Critical Thinking and Reading Research 
  9. Science of Muscles Strength 
  10. Introduction to flexibility and the Science of Stretching 


A 6 week ready-to-teach "done for you" course to ease back pain. 

Live mentoring workshops

There are live Q&A sessions run regularly throughout the programme to workshop skills covered in the modules. Dates of available sessions will be sent out when you join the course.

If you can't make the live sessions, you can send questions in advance and receive recordings with your own Q&A. Recordings of live sessions that have happened will be available in your course library if you wish to watch those back.

Guest Teachers

Laura brings in other experts to share their knowledge with you, including:

Kate Brandon, Physiotherapist and Yoga Teacher

Sam Morgan, GP, Menopause Specialist and Yoga Teacher

Rachel Cox, Pelvic Health Physiotherapist and Yoga Teacher

Claire Shaw, Yoga and Pilates Teacher and Movement Science Specialist.

You can read more about our guest teachers below.

Kate Brandon

Kate is a highly seasoned musculoskeletal physiotherapist with 16 years of experience, having worked both in private practice and for the NHS. Additionally, she holds qualifications as a yoga teacher and serves as an educator for yoga training and rehabilitation education programs. Kate has hands-on experience in managing a spectrum of musculoskeletal conditions.

With her extensive expertise, Kate has hands-on experience in managing a spectrum of musculoskeletal conditions, ranging from acute sports injuries to persistent pain issues. Her approach is fundamentally rooted in blending physiotherapy principles, movement analysis, neuroscience, and yoga to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to care.

Her commitment to offering a comprehensive understanding of the body and mind mirrors the course's objective of teaching evidence-based practices that consider the complex interactions between anatomy and movement.


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Dr Sam Morgan

Dr. Sam Morgan has 20 years of experience as a GP, having previously spent four years in hospital medicine, including a focus on gynaecology. Sam's interest in Lifestyle Medicine has culminated in her completion of the prescribing lifestyle medicine course with Dr. Rangan Chatterjee. Sam has taught doctors, pharmacists, nurses and students throughout her career.  

In addition to her medical expertise, Sam brings a unique perspective through her extensive yoga practice. With over 25 years of personal experience, she completed yoga teacher training at the Bristol School of Yoga. Sam teaches yoga for menopause in Bristol, recognizing the transformative benefits of this ancient practice on hormonal health and overall well-being.

Sam's approach as a doctor and yoga teacher is characterized by compassion, non-judgment, and empowerment. Sam has detailed knowledge of how the body works, in particular womens bodies through menopause, making her a vital addition to our movement science course.

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Claire Shaw

Claire Shaw became acquainted with the world of physical activity unexpectedly in a samba class in Glasgow. Following this, armed with a BA Hons in Contemporary Dance from Trinity Laban Conservatoire, Claire's qualifications extended to include Vinyasa Yoga, Pilates, and more.

Claire's teaching philosophy emphasises evidence-based practices. She encourages students to critically assess teaching methods and incorporate research findings. This underscores Claire's commitment to ensuring the effectiveness and relevance of her teachings through evidence-based approaches. Currently pursuing an MSc in Sports and Exercise Science, Claire actively integrates the latest research, blending a playful teaching style with scientifically grounded methods.

Her goal is to empower individuals to feel confident and strong, using evidence-based approaches to guide students in building physical and mental strength. Claire envisions a teaching environment where students overcome fears and obstacles and reach movement goals.

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Laura Gilmore

Laura Gilmore brings her ever enquiring mind to this movement science course and weaves the science seamlessly into the yoga teachings. Fascinated by the wisdom of the yogis, she finds ways to explore the science and the yoga philosophy which have such fascinating links- the nervous system and prana; or the breath and the nervous system.

Laura is also indebted to many of the fantastic evidence based yoga teachers who I have studied with over the last years to update my knowledge and improve my own scientific rigour! These include Kate Brandon, Jenni Rawlings & Jules Mitchell. As well as Heather Mason for the science into mental health.



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Rachel Cox

Rachel is an advanced yoga teacher and Specialist Pelvic Health Physiotherapist working in Liverpool.

Her love of yoga began in her second year of university by joining a friend on a transformational Ashtanga Yoga retreat in Thailand. Coming home, she set up the Yoga Society at Keele University to continue her practice, and the learning never stopped! She qualified as a Physio in 2017 and became a yoga teacher in 2018 and continues to combine her passion for yoga with her physiotherapeutic work today.

Rachel gained a first class masters dissertation at Cardiff University in 2020 researching the use of Yoga Therapy for chronic pain. She now specialises in Women’s Health working with obstetric patients on a nationwide project called the Perinatal Pelvic Health Service (PPHS) which aims to improve the pelvic floor health of birthing people in England.

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"“This was really interesting. I never really stopped to think that the core went beyond the abdominal region before; it made me realise how we use the term so loosely in yoga. I like the idea of imagining it as an apple core with its 360 function. Good explanation of the relationship between stability and strength."

Fiona, on Movement Science Essentials, Core module

"It has really changed my approach to teaching. It was great to understand some of the science and evidence behind these different and new movements and how that translates into the body and mind."

Sian, on Movement Science Essentials, Pain module

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  • 10 pre-recorded modules and additional reading
  • Live¬†workshops¬†throughout¬†the year
  • Fit into your lifestyle - videos from 10 min and option to listen podcast-style
  • Lifetime access to course material
  • Payment plan and bursaries available
  • 40 CPD hours
  • Yoga Alliance UK approved


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