How can I stand out from the crowd as a yoga teacher?

Last year we asked our yoga teacher community to share your most pressing business and marketing questions, and one that kept coming up - especially from the Bristol teachers - was how do I stand out from other yoga teachers when there are so many classes and studios in my area?

We hosted a yoga marketing masterclass where we answered all the most pressing questions

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We (myself and marketing genius Julia Dance) answered the most pressing questions you may have surrounding marketing yourself as a yoga teacher and your yoga teacher career.

In this 40-minute masterclass we ran through our advice and practical tips on how to stand out and how to have the confidence to sell yourself (because lots of you mentioned that too, and because it's part of the answer to the first question!)

We discuss how to discover your unique selling points and work out where your class or studio fits in with the others, along with how to build confidence in yourself - giving you some great first steps to business success!

If you enjoy the masterclass, there is plenty more tips like this in my marketing course - 6 steps to success. Check out the course here!


Meet Julia

Julia Dance is the marketing wizz here at LGY. She's been working in the realm of marketing for over 20 years, with a previous specific focus on marketing resources to the education sector. It's been a wild ride filled with countless successful campaigns, both in the digital realm and the offline world. Julia has had the pleasure of steering teams of marketers towards hitting targets for sales-focused ventures and not-for-profit organizations alike.

Since 2011, Julia has embraced the freelance life, working with various education and environmental businesses and charities. One of her standout strengths is turning those high-level concepts into crystal-clear propositions that generate action. She especially enjoys  crafting user-friendly websites and creating compelling online content that not only helps organisations reach their goals but also brings tangible benefits to the end user. Turning ideas into action-packed reality!