Restorative Yoga and Somatics



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Restorative Yoga and Somatics


Offer relaxation combined with gentle movement to enables the nervous system a chance to "reset" from stress to relaxation response.

  • Offer a variety of poses that create a relaxation response in your students
  • Compliment restorative practice with the gentle movement practice of Somatics that works through the nervous system
  • Offer effective ways to connect mind and body to help move into deeper states of rest
  • Develop an understanding of the interconnection of our physical body, with the life force or subtle body by learning through the kosha model

This online course covers the content through a mix of talks, demonstrations, practices and course notes, with all material available to study in your own time.

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Restorative Yoga and Somatics


or £39.70 for 10 months

  • Complete online course to study in your own time
  • Over 10 hours of high quality pre-recorded video
  • Counts for 20 hours of Yoga Alliance US certification
  • Talks and workshops cover theory and background
  • Demonstrations of poses and techniques
  • Practices for teaching Restorative and Somatics separately and combined
  • Teacher support via unlimited Q&A with Laura
  • Certificate of completion
  • Lifetime access to course materials
  • Learn from Mobile, Tablet, Desktop Web

How can we best relax both body and mind?

Both Restorative yoga and Somatics gentle movement practice give the nervous system a chance to "reset" from stress to a relaxation response. In today's world, where stress and anxiety are at an all time high, this is more valuable and in demand than ever.

Through an understanding of the yoga kosha model - the 5 layers of our existence that describes the interconnection of our physical body, with the life force or subtle body - we can use restorative and Somatics techniques and practice to really enable our students to relax body and mind.

This course will help you understand how these two types of practice work together to down regulate the nervous system and be able to offer effective poses and practices in these disciplines to reduce stress and anxiety for your students.

What the course covers:

Understanding the nervous system

The course explains how the nervous system works and give you an understanding up-regulation and down-regulation, as well as an understanding of pain so you can teach a variety of postures without creating fear. We also introduce trauma sensitive yoga principles and how to create a sense of safety.

Teaching Restorative yoga

We take you through how to set up a range of Restorative yoga postures including how to help students set up and be comfortable in the poses, including use of props and managing the environment to aid relaxation.

Teaching Somatics

We give you a foundation of Somatics understanding and go through detailed demonstrations of practices and breathing to give you full confidence to effectively teach these classes.

Restorative and Somatics sequences

How to use restorative poses Somatics together within a yoga class, with sequences to take students through from a stress state to "reset". We show you sequences and full practices you can use and ways to adapt and adjust poses to who you have in front of you.

Using the Kosha model

We help you develop a deep understanding of the yoga kosha model, to understand the integration of body and mind and how the mind and emotions play out in our physical experience. You can use this understanding to help your students connect body and mind for effective relaxation.

Complete course syllabus:

About your teacher

I'm Laura

I am a long time yogi & yoga teacher and Mum of one teenage son and 3 dogs! We live in Bristol UK. Yoga has been my life's practice and study and I love to share it with those who need to nurture and support their nervous systems. There is really no better way that through these practices which alleviate the stress of everyday modern life.

Restorative yoga has been a part of my life for 30 years. As someone who loves to be on the go, restorative yoga has been a deeply transformational practice for me & something I have loved sharing with students for the past 25 years. It has also helped me retrain my nervous system after early life traumas.

On discovering somatics 10 years ago I realised that the practice of Feldenkrais complemented the trauma sensitive work I was doing and started to integrate these practices into my Hatha classes & to study the philosophy of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen's Body Mind centring.

This course also includes somatics classes with Cat Balham a long time bodywork and therapist working in Bristol.

What our students say:

"As I was fully expecting, it was chocca full of very high quality, evidence-based content. It's a difficult balance between explaining in western neuroscientific, psychological and movement science terms whilst also honouring the yoga tradition, explaining traditional background and context and leaving space for spirituality and I think you manage this extremely well."

Jenny on Teaching Inclusive Yoga Online Anytime course

"“Thank you so much for a really inspiring course, full of relevant, accessible and key knowledge that I can feed back into my personal practice and teaching with complete confidence of understanding.”

Clare, on Vagus Nerve, Breath & Bandhas Live Yoga Intensive

Over 30 years

of teaching transformative yoga and yoga teacher training courses

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Over 1000 teachers trained

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