Understand Fascia and Hypermobility



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Understand fascia and hypermobility

Offer fascia-focused movement to your students to alleviate pain and anxiety

  • Understand exactly what fascia is and how it relates to the nervous system and prana
  • Know how to teach hypermobile students to alleviate anxiety and pain
  • Enhance your teaching with techniques to integrate fascia understanding into¬†everyday movement and creative practice
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What is fascia and how does it work?

The fascia contains many nerve endings, which means that it helps us to map the body in the brain. Understanding and using this neural mapping can improve our movement patterns and help reduce anxiety and pain.

This comprehensive course will give you an understanding of how fascia works, which methods actually work to create flexibility and how to better support students with hypermobility and help ease joint pain.

This course takes you through the science of fascia into movement, breath work and mind body connection. We will explore techniques to integrate this understanding into your everyday and creative movement to enhance your teaching and practice.

Take this course to understand how the nervous system and fascia are linked and be able to offer fascia-focused movement to your students to alleviate pain and anxiety.

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Get ready to transform your practice and teaching around hypermobility and easing joint pain.


Feel confident to integrate fascia understanding into your movement and practice. 

Why take this course?

This course will give you insight into the intricate relationship between your nervous system and fascia so that you help students find more ease and offer effective support for hypermobility and easing pain.

 Take this course to:
  • Improve your flexibility as you discover more ease within your body and improved neural connection between body and mind.
  • Experience the power of the breath in movement and stillness as we trace the web of fascia connections through the body.
  • Enjoy a new awareness of your core and free up movement within your spine, hips and shoulders.
  • Feel the profound effects of fascia-focused movements and stillness on your overall wellbeing by exploring the relationship of fascia to the life force or prana.
  • Creatively inform your teaching to make it more engaging and effective for students working on hypermobility and easing pain.
  • Understand how strength training improves the health of fascia and how to include it within your yoga practice
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How the course works

This Online course gives you access to pre-recorded content to follow in your own time, with the support of an engaged group of fellow students and recorded Q&A with Laura via our online community.

The course content is covered through a mix of yoga practices, breathwork sessions, and enlightening talks. It includes example classes and asana practices to support those with hypermobility and reduce their experience of pain.

This new course is now live for you to buy and join any time.

If you have any questions about our online courses or how they work, please check out our FAQ page.

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Course contents

The course contains over 15 hours of content in the following modules, available in your course library.

Module 1: Prana and Prana Vayus

Module 2: Fascia Facts and Fiction

Module 3: Hypermobility

Module 4: Fascia in Focus Classes

Content includes:

  • Understanding the¬†form and function of fascia
  • Myth-busting around fascia and methods that actually work to create flexibility
  • Practices for improved mind-body connection to reduce pain & support mental health
  • Breath work to explore the relationship of fascia to the nervous system
  • New ways to explore your core and back strength
  • Understanding hypermobility and yoga for hyper-mobile students
  • Exploration of yogic ideas of prana through the lens of fascia

The course content covers 5 main areas:

  1. What fascia is and what the research shows us about this complex connective tissue.
  2. How fascia relates to the nervous system, our experience of the body and mind and to yogic ideas of prana. How this may relate to trauma.
  3. Understanding hypermobility as a connective tissue disorder and how to help these students move well and live with less pain.
  4. Through discovering how ideas of fascia "releasing" are not accurate, be inspired by your understanding of fascia to move with more confidence, in new and creative ways that help us map the body in the brain and in turn reduce anxiety and pain.
  5. Creative fascia-inspired classes to expand your movement and teaching vocabulary - explore multi-dimensional movements, loading the body in new ways and slowing things down to reroute neural pathways.

About your teacher

I'm Laura

I am certified to train teachers to the highest level and share an in depth knowledge of yoga traditions, meditation practices, pranayama techniques. My practice evolves from dynamic ashtanga and comprehensive hatha to subtle chakra and tantra work, focussing on the precision of Iyengar.

I have been offering training since 2009. My students have gone on to have successful yoga teaching careers including running their own studios, retreats, teaching internationally, for studios or private and corporate classes. My advanced training has helped experienced teachers enhance their practice and teaching and transform their career.

"I really enjoyed the Fascia intensive. The way Laura tied in the yogic texts and recent science was brilliant. I feel very glad I have chosen to continue my training with Bristol School of Yoga"

Lucy, on Fascia Release Yoga.

"I came away brimming with thoughts and more knowledge of a subject I’d heard body practitioners referring to... But it has really changed my approach to teaching. I’ve been heading towards more exploratory movement so it was really great to understand some of the science and evidence behind these different and new movements and how that translates into the body and mind.."

Sian, on Fascia Release Yoga


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