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20 hours | Lifetime access | £557 or £55.70 over 10 months

Creative Sequencing


Less planning, more creativity - know how to seamlessly craft classes to suit all your students 

  • Evolve your own creative process and develop your unique signature teaching style
  • Offer movement patterns that create and maintain¬†mobility and strength
  • Use sequencing to balance the nervous system, improve mental health and help ease pain
  • Expand and organise your movement vocabulary¬†to find yourself able to easily create classes

The course content is covered through a mix of talks workshops, videos and quizzes with example classes and sequences to show you how it all comes together in practice. The course combines practice and theory, covering class themes and inspiration from yoga philosophy, the subtle body and daily life.

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Creative Sequencing


or £55.70 for 10 months

  • Complete online course to study in your own time
  • 15 hours of high quality pre-recorded¬†video + worksheets and written resources
  • Counts for 20 hours CPD with Yoga Alliance UK and¬†20 hours of Yoga Alliance US¬†certification
  • Talks and¬†written modules¬†on science¬†and background
  • Example 6-week class series download
  • Templates for course and class planning
  • Adaptable example practices and classes
  • Collection of 'playtime' fun practices
  • Teacher support via unlimited¬†Q&A with¬†Laura
  • Certificate of completion
  • Lifetime¬†access to¬†course
  • Learn from Mobile, Tablet, or Desktop Web

Ever stuck for inspiration?

Our creative sequencing is linked to our mental and physical health. To create and maintain mobility and strength for ourselves and our students, we need to vary our movement patterns. Variety also supports new neural pathways and helps us stay free of pain.

A creative sequencing approach will mean you will never struggle to plan your classes again! This course covers a systematic approach to mapping the poses so that each asana journey can lead you through familiar landscapes or to new places with each student finding their own path.

We explore a range of sequencing structures to suit different students and ways to adapt postures and new movement methods that we can incorporate to yoga asana.




Enjoy the inside secrets to endless creativity and class planning while you practice and play!


Why take this course?

Evolve your yoga practice and amaze your students with your new found skills. You will save a lot of time and do less planning but increase creativity!

 Take this course to:
  • ¬†Enable students to strengthen and open specific areas of the physical body progressively, to access more complex postures
  • Understand how to adapt one theme or skeleton-class for all your different classes in any week
  • Understand how to balance the nervous system with sequences that can involve hard work but also create a sense of ease
  • Incorporate students with different needs safely and happily within the same class
  • Be able to respond to the needs of the students in front of you
  • Convey the key points that enable students to adapt poses to their own needs
  • Guide asana on the thread of the breath to create moving meditation

Be inspired to evolve your own creative process and develop your unique signature teaching style!

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About your teacher

I'm Laura

I have a deep love of creative asana & movement. Adding some playfulness into our practice helps us to stay inspired to move regularly & support our mental health.

My creative asana brings together movement which is inclusive but also can be energetic. I share my own tried and tested method of sequencing creative, inclusive yoga. With the foundations you will  be able to craft the class as you teach.

I have honed these methods over 25 years of teaching hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow yoga. As well as somatics and restorative yoga. 

The movement practice has been an essential part of my life, supporting me from mental illness in my teens and 20's to health & happiness (usually) today!

"Loved the sequencing module and have been finding it so helpful. All kinds of creative sequencing going on!‚ÄĚ

Alex, on Creative Sequencing Live Yoga Intensive

"There was a helpful mix of practice and theory. I am not sure I can think of anything that I would have liked done differently. There is lots of information for me to absorb and use. So, thank you very much.‚ÄĚ

Sue, on Creative Sequencing Live Yoga Intensive

"Creative sequencing course has really helped me with my confidence, For the past few weeks I haven't had to use my notes, I just know which way I am going and the rest just comes It amazes me how much more relaxed am when I go through the flow." 

Kristina, on Creative Sequencing Live Yoga Intensive

Over 30 years

of teaching transformative yoga and yoga teacher training courses

Over 15 years

of training teachers at the longest running yoga studio in Bristol

Over 1000 teachers trained

through my 200 hour and 300 hour advanced teacher training courses and intensives


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