Adapting and Adjusting Asana


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Adapting and Adjusting Asana


Be able to read what's happening in your students' bodies and offer hands-on adjustments and personalised yoga adjustments that can transform their experience of postures.

  • Confidently and sensitively offer professional yoga adjustments that help students find ease or depth within postures
  • Learn effective yoga alignment techniques to administer hands-on adjustments that empower the student, fostering a heightened awareness of their mind-body connection.
  • Understand the importance of cues and explore innovative uses of props to ensure a more inclusive and accessible asana experience.
  • Learn to read different movement patterns and how we can find a pose that feels right for everyone

This online course covers the content through a mix of talks, practices and classes. Benefit from detailed demonstrations and thorough breakdowns of yoga posture adjustments, all available to study in your own time.

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Adapting and Adjusting Asana


or £39.70 for 10 months

  • Complete online course to study in your own time
  • 12 hours of high quality pre-recorded video
  • Counts for 20 hours of Yoga Alliance US certification
  • 20 hours of CPD with Yoga Alliance Professionals
  • Talks cover the science of touch and movement
  • Detailed breakdowns of yoga pose adjustments and supported poses
  • Sequences for optimal postural awareness and yoga alignment adjustments
  • Teacher support via unlimited Q&A with Laura
  • Certificate of completion
  • Lifetime access to course materials
  • Learn from Mobile, Tablet, Desktop Web

Can you adjust with confidence?

Do you lack confidence with how to approach hands on adjustments in a trauma sensitive way, and how to cue students to self-adjust and correct yoga poses?

Receiving yoga posture adjustments can transform the students' experience of a pose and practice, bringing a quality of nurture and helping them connect to the felt experience in a new way.

This course helps you to read what is going on in the body that might be making things hard. You will discover creative use of props or the wall to help students find stability and ease and be able to personalise and adapt yoga adjustments and postures according to what you see going on for different students.

Transform your yoga adjustment teaching and confidence with a range of options of how to simplify a posture if a student is struggling, or to deepen the pose when that is the best approach, all taught from a trauma sensitive approach. We cover strategic development of postures and yoga adjustments within each family of poses so that you can teach a class that accommodates different movement needs.

What the course covers:

Effective prop supported poses

We show you how to teach with the use of props, with a full exploration of supported poses and how to assist yoga poses to direct students to adapt their own poses.


How to make verbal yoga pose adjustments

Discover how to describe yoga poses accurately so that everyone in the class has the best chance to come into the pose well, and how to cue students to make mind-body connections and adjust the pose to their bodies.

Successful class management

Go through how you can read what is going on in your students’ bodies so you can recognise the student most in need of adjustment. Be able to plan poses to be most useful to the whole class.


Understanding the body

We cover anatomy giving you the knowledge to understand underlying restrictions in the body and how to support students to release these.


Using a trauma sensitive approach

We cover why, when and how to give an adjustment, and when not to, teaching you suitable touch and trauma sensitive teaching so you can judge whether an adjustment is suitable on both the physical and emotional level.


Using a movement positive approach

The course covers an evidence-based movement positive approach to show you how different alignment of poses is not necessarily injurious and can allow the body to strengthen.

Complete course syllabus:

Why take this course:

  • Offer eye-opening adjustments that can transform a students' experience of a pose
  • Be able to adjust students with sensitivity
  • Help students gain awareness of their restrictions, hypermobility or existing movement patterns
  • Know why and when to adjust - and when not to
  • Offer hands-on skills that support physical and mental health through novel input to the nervous system
  • Teach classes that accommodate different movement needs.
  • Understand a movement positive approach which encourages movement as essentially health giving, with no fear-mongering about “dangerous” alignment.

About your teacher

I'm Laura

A long time yoga practitioner, I have enjoyed 20+ years of Iyengar and its innovative use of props and simultaneously 15 years of ashtanga and its enthusiastic adjustments. Alongside my own studies into trauma sensitive yoga and my work in teaching diverse students, I combine all my years of study and practice into this in depth course.

There are ways to adapt poses for each body, to understand what we are looking at and wha the essentials of each pose is. As well as ways to guide a student deeper into a pose or to adjust the pose for more ease. All shared with characteristic warmth, humour and trauma aware teaching.

What our students say:

"Laura brings so much knowledge of yoga, asana, the body, and how we, as teachers, can support our students to learn more about themselves. Fun, informative, and highly recommended."

Kate, on The Art of Adapting & Adjusting Asana Live Yoga Intensive

"Absolutely inspirational place to learn and grow! Laura has such a depth of knowledge. Life changing experience here!"

Kerry, on The Art of Adapting & Adjusting Asana Live Yoga Intensive

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