Teaching Yoga for Anxiety Intensive

21st - 23rd November 2024 + online content

Understand how and why anxiety arises and how the science of yoga can have such a powerful role to play in alleviating anxiety. Post pandemic this work is more vital than ever, as so many are living with the debilitating effects of anxiety as we try to shift to the “new normal’.

Whether you want to offer classes specifically for anxiety, or simply support yourself & others to find more ease, we will share proven methods from across the yoga & mindfulness spectrum that shift anxiety.

Using the body & breath is key for moving from an anxious state, we can’t think our way out of anxiety so yoga is ideally placed to offer this support. Key to understanding anxiety is the nervous system, so we will research & explore for ourselves how our practice affects our nervous system state.

Yoga gives opportunities to both “up regulate” or stimulate the nervous system, as well as to calm or “down-regulate” so that over time as we alternate consciously between these states, the nervous system becomes more adaptable or resilient. Alongside other neurological and psychological changes, supported by affirmation, yoga philosophy, anxiety can become much more manageable.

Teaching Yoga for Anxiety Intensive


21 - 23 November 2024 + online content

  • Payment plan and bursaries available
  • 40 CPD hours
  • Yoga Alliance UK approved
  • Small group course
  • Suitable for yoga teachers and experienced yogis
  • Training days are 9am-5pm, with 1 hour for lunch
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This course includes:

  • The physiology & neurology of anxiety made accessible
  • Breathwork practices for mental health
  • Vagus nerve- theory & practice
  • The bandhas & why they matter
  • Movement & anxiety- how to create & adapt asana for anxiety
  • Creating a resilient nervous system- & what this means
  • Class sequences- we provide & develop sample sequences
  • How to teach a 6 week course of Yoga for Anxiety or Yoga for Physical & Mental health

I would love to share this unique course with you that I have developed during the past few years in response to the pandemic, and hormone changes of menopause that can lead to anxiety.

I believe this course is essential learning for any yoga teacher, since so many of our students come for their anxiety, whether they specify this or not. Let’s create a yoga that is inherently healing and nurturing for all.

Support yourself and others to live with ease in my Teaching Yoga for Anxiety Intensive

This intensive is next running 21 - 23 November 2024, so don’t miss out.

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“This has been thought provoking and I now have so many tools for teaching people with anxiety. My understanding of the science of what is happening in the body and brain is now so much clearer.”


“Laura's teaching style is so compassionate and her knowledge into the neuroscience was so informative and inspiring. I feel confident to use the knowledge in my practice professionally and personally.”


"Inspirational as always. I am leaving with a head full of ideas of how to run effective courses as well as a deeper understanding and compassion. I'm looking forward to the next course.”

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Support yourself and others to live with ease in my Teaching Yoga for Anxiety Intensive

This intensive is next running 21 - 23 November 2024, so don’t miss out.

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